About Us

Notepad.link allows users to easily save notes online. The notes are saved to your browser, which you can view and modify as often as you like. It can be used as an online journal. You can edit your notes and even share them. Access to Notepad.link from any location is completely free.

You can use this online diary anonymously and save notes. You can also access your notes at any time by coming back to it anytime. You can either leave your notes open and available, or you can lock your notes with a password. You can easily share your notes via Twitter, Facebook, Whatsapp & Reddit.

Notepad.link removes any formatting from text pasted into it. Instead of html text, you will get the plain text. You cannot use any special font, but you can switch between our normal font and Monospace.

Notepad.link can also be used to quickly store a copy of any text. You can quickly open Notepad, save a copy of your content to it, and then save the URL in your bookmarks. This way, if anything goes wrong, you can always have a backup copy. Notepad is faster than Word and requires far less system resources.

Unless you make changes, Notepad.link does not make any changes to the files it opens. This makes it useful for editing and examining files that may have been damaged by other programs.

Our Web server recognizes each visitor to the notepad website page automatically. However, it does not recognize the visitor’s e-mail address. This makes it more secure.

Perfect for quick, secure notetaking.

Notepad was designed for simplicity, security, and speed. It loads immediately into a blank notepad and anything you type is instantly encrypted and saved. — You can add a password on any note and share it securely.

Fully encryptable notes right in your browser.

Every note that you take on Notepad.link can be encrypted on the front-end and back-end, so go ahead – jot down your deepest darkest secrets.

  • Collaborate quickly with your colleagues or friends by sharing a password-protected note
  • Take back your privacy and security with encrypted notes from the cloud to your browser
  • Superfast notetaking right in your browser so you don’t have to install or download anything