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This website uses cookies in order for some features to work properly and to allow a better user experience, website cookies are small bits of data that are sent from a website (in this case to your browser).

Cookies that are used on this website and why

1st party cookies

  • Shopping cart session data – To store your shopping cart session with us
  • Content Delivery Network – For a faster website experience for you
  • Member area session and cookie data – To keep you logged in and to store free searches.

3rd party cookies

  • Add to Any Social network buttons (bottom of the website) & website sharing buttons (if any)
  • Conversion tracking and advertising tracking for either Google AdWords and/or Bing ads.
  • Google Analytics tracking – to help us better understand our visitors and improve services.
  • Trustpilot – To send you a request for a review after purchase and to help us improve our services.

How to disable cookies

If you are not happy with cookies then you can disable them, simply follow this guide:

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If you have a question regarding the cookies this website uses, then please contact us via the contact page.