Moving to digital note taking

Go digital. Go Paperless. Go online. Technology is constantly changing. We must be able to adapt to it. What does this mean for those who prefer to write notes? Before computers were invented, many people took notes by hand. In some cases, it’s easier to type than to write them down. Is it possible to make the leap to digital note-taking without changing our work methods?

What is Digital Note-Taking?

Digital note-taking can be described as a combination of several techniques that allow you to electronically take and store notes. Digital note-taking is often thought of as just typing notes. However, software and apps like allows you to type, store and share digital notes.

Note-taking, by definition, is simply the act of recording information from another source. This can be done on paper but there are many benefits to accessing your notes online. These include better organization, greater security, and easier sharing.

Digital note-taking for beginners

With the right tools, creating digital notes is easy and simple. How do you start?

It can be daunting to take the first step in changing long-held habits.

  1. You can use your tablet, computer, or laptop to type and/or write.
  2. You can use, a note-taking app, or software to type your notes.
  3. Save and store your notes securely in the cloud.
  4. You can access your notes from anywhere, any device, so you can review, edit, or share them without having to waste paper.
  5. You can set custom URLs for your notes, which makes them easy to remember and identify.

Start Taking Digital Notes Today

Start your notes on after you have completed step 1 is simple. You can start taking notes right away. You’ll be amazed at how quickly you can start taking notes digitally!