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What is Online Notepad?

The Online Notepad, as the name implies, is a free notepad you can access from any smart phone. This notepad allows users to quickly and easily create any type of text content and save it to the cloud to be accessed on the same url via your password if you decide to password protect it.

Online Notepad: Benefits

Online Notepad has a huge advantage: you don’t have to worry about your device’s specs or downloads. Online notepad doesn’t require installation or downloading. You can access it from any device. Online Notepad is also accessible from any device. You can open Online Notepad from your phone while you commute, or you can save your text as a text file.

How to Use Online Notepad

Online Notepad is very easy to use. The text will be entered in the box. After you’re done writing, click on the “Share Button” button in the bottom right corner of your screen. You can now share your link with anyone via WhatsApp, Facebook or Reddit

It is a simple online notepad editor, which allows you to create and edit notes in the browser. This is a great tool to save your notes in the browser tab and keep them safe while you work. The editor automatically saves your changes every second and protects your browser data. The saved draft will be available when the browser tab is closed or crashes.

You will find many other features in the editor that are not available in normal text editors. We are constantly adding new features to the editor and accepting feature requests in order to make it more appealing and feature-rich.

To save your data, this text editor uses JavaScipt and HTML5 LocalStorage API. Until you delete localStorage data manually, your data will remain in your browser. Your draft will still be available even if your browser is closed.