Top 10 Features of Every User Should Know About

  1. Share Notepad Link: Create a customizable and personalized notepad link that you can share with anyone. Collaborate and edit notes together in real-time, making teamwork a breeze. This feature is perfect for brainstorming sessions, planning projects, or sharing ideas with friends and colleagues.
  2. Share Safe Notepad Link: Generate a read-only link for your notepad to ensure others cannot edit your notes, maintaining your content’s integrity. This feature is ideal for sharing important documents, notes, or ideas without risking accidental changes or unauthorized edits.
  3. Customizable URL: Personalize your notepad link for easy recall and better organization. By customizing your notepad’s URL, you can create memorable links that are easily recognizable, making it simpler to find and access your notes when you need them.
  4. Google Chrome Extension Plugin: Keep all your favorite notes saved in your browser for quick and convenient access. With the Google Chrome Extension Plugin, you can easily save and organize your notes, so they’re always just a click away.
  5. Upload .txt Files: Turn your existing text files into shareable notepads, making it simple to collaborate and share your content. Import your existing notes or documents and easily convert them into an online notepad, streamlining your workflow and making collaboration a breeze.
  6. Light/Dark Mode: Switch between light and dark themes to suit your preference and reduce eye strain. Choose the best theme for your working environment and enjoy a more comfortable and personalized note-taking experience.
  7. Add and Receive Comments: Receive valuable feedback and engage in discussions with other users and colleagues using the comment section on shared notes. This feature enables you to gather opinions, suggestions, and feedback from others, helping you refine your ideas and improve your work.
  8. Password-Protected Notepads: Secure your private notes with password protection for an added layer of privacy. Safeguard sensitive information and ensure that only authorized users can access your most important notes.
  9. Shareable Links for Raw Text, Markdown Text, and Code: Share your notepad in different formats to suit the needs of your collaborators. Whether you’re working with plain text, markdown, or code, allows you to easily share your content in the most appropriate format for your audience.
  10. Word and Character Counter: Keep track of your writing progress and meet specific word count requirements with ease. With the built-in word and character counter, you can monitor your writing and ensure your content stays within the desired length.

These features make a versatile and powerful online notepad tool, perfect for a wide range of uses and applications. Enjoy seamless collaboration, secure note-taking, and a personalized note-taking experience with’s top features.