Draw with Notepad

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Notepad is an easy-to-use, simple writing program. It is designed to be used primarily for text. Notepad can also be used for other purposes. Notepad can also be used to save files in a different format like.bat. This will convert the text into a batch file. A simple example is to draw in notepad with text inside it. Learn how to draw with text in notepad by using the various keyboard characters.

Draw with Notepad step 1 - notepad.link

Step 1

Learn the basics. These characters include:

  • For drawing a slanting line, you can use a slash (/ or ).
  • To make a dashed horizontal line, use a hyphen (-).
  • To make a continuous horizontally-oriented line, an underscore (_) is used.
  • , is used to make a dashed vertical line.
  • To make the end a rectangle, use brackets (e.g. [], [] or ).
  • To create a grid, you will use the ‘numbers-square’ #.
  • Also, the space bar is necessary!
  • Other characters such as the ‘greater then’ and ‘less that’ signs ( and >) or the percentage sign (%), might be useful.

Draw with Notepad step 2 - notepad.link

Step 2

Keep a website with them open in front of your eyes or learn the ‘alt codes. These codes may give you options such as the playing card shapes (alt + 3, 4, 5 and 6 on the numeric keyboard only).

This website might be of some help to you: http://alt-codes.org/list/.


Draw with Notepad step 3 - notepad.link

Step 3

  • To switch it on, open the notepad program.
  • Click on Format again. Next, set the text to Lucida Console regular or 20.


Draw with Notepad step 4 - notepad.link

Step 4

Maximize the notepad so that it covers the screen.


Draw with Notepad step 5 - notepad.link

Step 5

Begin with something simple first, to grasp the idea. Try to draw a rectangle to see if it works with you or not.
Draw with Notepad step 6 - notepad.link

Step 6

Let your imagination go wild. Try different shapes and sizes.

Extra Information

  • This article explains the basics. You can use some ‘alt codes” to shade the drawing.
  • This article is intended for fun only. If you’re willing to make it more interesting, Read me File in a compressed format, this may be a friendlier way to say thanks.
  • If you want your picture to appear in ASCII text you can search for ASCII generator sites to do it.
  • You might not like some parts.
  • This is ASCII Art. For more information about it, visit https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ASCII_art.