Enjoying Elden Ring? Bring along your online note book to your gaming session

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The new game, Elden Ring, brings Dark Souls into an open-world setting. It gives players the opportunity to explore a large map and interact with dozens of characters. The game does not provide a standard open-world video gaming quest log or online note book. It also doesn’t fill your in-game map up with icons that point to side missions and quests, like an Assassin’s creed or Far Cry. This means that if you need to recall which NPC instructed you to go where to deliver an item to another NPC you will have to pay close attention.
My advice: My advice? Keep an online journal. Keep an online note book. Elden Ring might not be able to tell you the details again.

It doesn’t matter if you keep your notes in a random online note pad, like notepad.link, or in a Elden Ring notepad, it will be helpful to write them down. I regret that I didn’t write down things too often when I was working with Elden Ring. These are some situations in which I would find that helpful.

elden ring map - online note book - www.notepad.link

A very important character asked me to meet her three followers at one point. One of them told me to meet him at a specific location in the Lands Between to tackle a mission. I didn’t find the place on the map and, in my rush to complete Elden Ring, forgot where I was supposed to meet. I didn’t see him again so I am pretty certain I missed any events there. Oops!
The Lands Between is home to many distractions and diversions. These mines lead to smaller boss battles with less intimidating rewards, such as spells, weapons and talismans. I sat down and decided to quit the boss battle, thinking that I would return to it later. It’s now, and I can’t recall which one it was. I am now obligated revisit them all until I find the encounter that I haven’t yet completed.

There are many merchants in the Lands Between. I mark them using one of the few marker icons on the in-game map. I can’t remember what items are available at each merchant. I do know which merchant sells me arrows and which one curative boluses. But what about the rest? I wish I had written it down long ago.

Online wikis and guides to Elden Ring can eventually replace the need to keep an online notepad. However, it is helpful to be aware of which encounters you have walked away from and where you plan to return once you are more powerful. You may even want to draw cute pot people for a quick distraction after a tough boss fight. Don’t forget to visit notepad.link!

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