11 Best Notepad.pw Alternatives To Use

Notepad.pw is a great tool in the Note Taking category. Users love Notepad.pw for its features: Free, simple, feature-rich, easy-to-use, and simple solution Notepad.pw offers a variety of productivity tools that will enhance your note-taking experience. Notepad.link is the best Notepad.pw Alternative. Find 10 other alternatives to Notepad.pw, including Roam Research, genei, and TheNote.app. #1 Notepad.link About […]

Here are the top ten tips to help you write notes.

The recent issue of English Teacher professional (Issue 117) featured a piece on the benefits of teaching students how to take notes. My friend and colleague Naomi Epstein asked me a question on Facebook a few days before the issue was distributed. It was a question about taking notes at conferences. Naomi’s crowdsourcing survey results showed that many […]

Moving to digital note taking

Go digital. Go Paperless. Go online. Technology is constantly changing. We must be able to adapt to it. What does this mean for those who prefer to write notes? Before computers were invented, many people took notes by hand. In some cases, it’s easier to type than to write them down. Is it possible to make the leap to digital […]