Notepad now runs DOOM

There are many impractical port options for the 1993 first-person shooter Doom. Some of them have been sensible, such as the one that was ported to the Playdate handheld. Some have been ridiculous “just because I could” proofs, such as the one-key version or the Ikea smart lamp. Running DOOM on non-standard platforms is a […]

Memo Notepad for Online Notes and Digital Text

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It’s a simple place to store your thoughts and notes. What is a memo notepad? A memo notepad, also known as a memo notepad, is a type or notebook that can be used to write down notes. They are a mix of a sticky note or a legal notepad. Blank memo notepads can look like […]

Enjoying Elden Ring? Bring along your online note book to your gaming session

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The new game, Elden Ring, brings Dark Souls into an open-world setting. It gives players the opportunity to explore a large map and interact with dozens of characters. The game does not provide a standard open-world video gaming quest log or online note book. It also doesn’t fill your in-game map up with icons that […]

Online Notepad

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What is Online Notepad? The Online Notepad, as the name implies, is a free notepad you can access from any smart phone. This notepad allows users to quickly and easily create any type of text content and save it to the cloud to be accessed on the same url via your password if you decide […]

Draw with Notepad

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Notepad is an easy-to-use, simple writing program. It is designed to be used primarily for text. Notepad can also be used for other purposes. Notepad can also be used to save files in a different format like.bat. This will convert the text into a batch file. A simple example is to draw in notepad with […]

What is Notepad? 9 ways you can use Notepad

Most likely, Notepad has been on your Windows computer. Have you ever wondered what this app is and how it works? This app is very old and has been in Windows operating systems since decades. It is a very familiar app that appears in all Windows versions. However, Microsoft has been paying more attention to it in Windows 10. We’ll show […]

How to Write Better

how to write better using notepad offers advanced note taking functions and powerful control that make it easy to use and produce professional results. Save your content and create a password to further protect it. These capabilities and functionalities are crucial to saving and protecting your newest bright idea for a novel, short story or poem. However, the content that […]

11 Digital Education Tools for Students and Teachers

Summary: Technology plays an important role in today’s learning environment. These 11 tools allow for communication between students and teachers, among other things. These are the Most Popular Digital Education Tools for Teachers and Learners Many digital education tools were created to give autonomy to students, improve academic process administration, encourage collaboration and facilitate communication between […]

History of Notepad

history of notepad

Microsoft was founded in 1975 by two computer geeks, Paul Allen and Bill Gates. Microsoft, like most start-ups started small but had a big vision: a computer in every home and on every desktop. They hired Steve Ballmer, a former Harvard classmate and Gates to run the company in June 1980.  Microsoft vs IBM IBM […]

10 Reasons Privacy Matters

Privacy is important. Courts and commentators often struggle to explain why privacy is important. Privacy violations are often seen as minor annoyances. Privacy is more important than that. Here are 10 reasons privacy is important and why we make sure that is using an encrypted free online notepad tool to make sure your privacy and anonymity is guaranteed. […]